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Women, who suffer from pain as a result of some kind of medical condition or disability, are much more likely to have their reports of pain dismissed. This is even though women may actually be more likely to suffer from pain due to physiological and other causes.

women in pain.jpgDoctors have known for very long now that women and men vary greatly in the way that they respond to certain drugs, and even the way that they feel pain. Women have hormonal cycles that determine their level of tolerance to pain. Their organs are smaller, and their bodies are made up of a much higher body fat composition, which means that drugs affect their bodies differently.

These differences are even more acute for those women who live with chronic pain across the country. As many as 25% of Americans suffer from chronic pain, and a significant proportion of those Americans are believed to be women. There are millions of women who currently live with symptoms of chronic pain, and many of them are on Social Security disability benefits.

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