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I decided not to abandon yesterday’s topic on the budget shortfalls of Medicaid because so much remains to be said regarding this. In my practice, I frequently am asked about fraudulent claims. It seems everyone jumps to the handy conclusion that anyone applying for Social Security benefits must be gaming the system. This public perception has absolutely nothing to do with the genuine struggles of people with long-term disabilities whom I am privileged to work for every day.

When policymakers propose cutting services to the needy, it helps if average taxpayers can tell themselves that the neediest don’t deserve it. Then we can go on about the business of cutting government safety net programs without any underlying guilt. But a myopic view of the world condition serves no one, least of all ourselves.

When I left off yesterday, I complained that the cost-cutting reforms of Medicaid should not be borne on the backs of the poor and disabled – the very group that Medicaid was designed to help. Too often in policy discussions, the easy implementation is to cut services.

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