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One of the biggest drawbacks of the Social Security benefits system is the amount of time that it takes for the typical claim to be processed. It could take months for your claim to be processed, which is one of the reasons why taking action sooner than later is so important. However, the Social Security Administration (SSA) makes it possible for some persons who suffer from very serious conditions and illnesses to qualify for expedited claims approvals.

The Compassionate Allowances Program allows disabled Americans who apply for disability benefits to get their claims approved much quicker. The Compassionate Allowances Program is specifically designed for persons who suffer from illnesses that are so severe that it is very obvious that they would qualify for benefits under the Social Security disability program. Therefore, the agency simply approves these processes, and grants applicants benefits without the long delay that often accompanies the normal process.

How long does it take to get claims approved under the Compassionate Allowances Program?

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There are certain medical diseases or conditions for which Social Security disability claims can be processed quickly under a program called Compassionate Allowances. Recently, the Social Security Administration made the decision to increase the number of conditions that are covered under the program.

About 35 new conditions were included in the program, and the list now consists of a total of 200 conditions. The Compassionate Allowances Program is designed mainly to facilitate quicker acceleration of disability claims for persons who suffer from certain diseases and conditions that are so serious, that waiting for long periods of time for a claim to be processed simply isn’t feasible. A typical Social Security Disability claim can take months to be approved.

The main aim of having this special program is to make it easier for facilitation of claims for people who suffer from these conditions, and cannot wait months before their claim can be approved. Under the Compassionate Allowances program, the Social Security administration targets those individuals, who suffer from diseases that are so serious that their conditions can be immediately identified as meeting all requirements.

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