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New techniques in the treatment of schizophrenia center on a very unlikely technology- virtual reality.  Studies into the use of virtual reality treatment for the treatment of schizophrenia are yielding promising results.

According to clinical psychologists, who are currently experimenting with the use of virtual reality to treat different forms of psychosis like schizophrenia, this is a very safe method to use in patients who suffer from psychosis. Patients do not report worsening of symptoms, like hallucinations and delusions, and there is no adverse data, like an increase in hospital admission numbers, associated with the use of virtual reality therapy.

Doctors have been using virtual reality techniques on patients, especially those who have suffered from the condition for a long time.  In one study, patients engaged in cognitive training in which they were required to make their way through a seascape, avoiding dangers, like sharks in the water. The researchers found that patients who underwent such treatment actually showed higher overall cognitive scores compared to patients who received typical treatment at a facility.

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Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that can result in hallucinations, delusions, and altered thinking.  It is a serious psychological disorder, and is typically confirmed upon diagnosis by a psychiatrist.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) lists schizophrenia in its “blue book” as one of the disorders that are eligible for disability benefits.  A diagnosis by a qualified healthcare professional confirming that you suffer from the disorder is essential. Furthermore, you must be able to show that you have suffered from schizophrenia for at least a month, or that your condition is expected to last for at least 12 months.

To qualify for benefits under SSA’s criteria, you must also prove that your disorder results in at least one of the several symptoms associated with this disorder, including audio and visual hallucinations, (seeing or hearing things that are not there), illogical thinking, emotional withdrawal, or non-responsiveness. Suffering from at least one of these symptoms must severely restrict your ability to function normally, and affect concentration and attention.

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Schizophrenia is a severe and disabling medical disorder that can cause delusions and hallucinations. Persons who suffer from this condition often find it very difficult to have a coherent conversation because of mental distractions. New medical approaches to the treatment of this serious condition are focusing on eliminating distractions in a person’s mind that prevent him or her from thinking clearly.

Many persons with schizophrenia find it difficult to stay on topic, because their minds frequently jump from issue to issue. Researchers currently working on treatments for schizophrenia have focused less on eliminating delusions, and more on helping patients think clearly. One of the techniques being implemented is the use of pharmaceutical drugs that improve memory and enhance brain performance. A number of pharmaceutical companies are currently dedicating resources to developing these medications, but success has been slow. Therefore, some clinicians have begun using exercise and fish oil pills that are believed to be good for the brain.

In other clinics, doctors are recommending special computer games that are designed to train schizophrenics to simply tune out distractions in their mind, and focus on performing simple instructions. These doctors believe that antipsychotic drugs can only do so much to help deal with the distractions in the person’s mind. They do not believe that video games will completely replace antipsychotic drugs, but they do believe that helping these patients tune out such distractions can help provide them a better quality of life.

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