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A sad detail in the news recently involves the number of personal care homes run by thieves preying upon the disabled population. Personal care homes are a hybrid of a home and an assisted living facility. An Individual homeowner cares for a small number of aging or disabled individuals in their personal home. The individual and their staff provide shelter, hygiene assistance, food and medical assistance (mostly in the form of administering prescription drugs). Many disabled or elderly individuals chose this over assisted living facilities for cost reasons.

While many do go into this field with a strong heart and good intentions, some bad apples lurk in the midst and perform this function solely to take advantage of the elderly and disabled and milk them of their disability checks.

The Atlanta Journal and Constitution in a series of investigative pieces opined that Georgia “hasn’t done enough to rein in an ‘epidemic’ of mistreatment of vulnerable people by personal care home operators.” Growing demand for personal care homes combined with limited state oversight allows for some unscrupulous individuals to take advantage of the elderly, the disabled, and the developmentally disabled who rely on assistance for their daily needs.

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