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A person may be eligible for more than one federal benefit program.  Under the Social Security disability program however, your benefits may be impacted if you receive other types of government payments.

For instance, if you are currently eligible for and receiving workers’ compensation benefits, you may find a reduction in Social Security disability benefits that are provided to you. A person may be eligible for workers’ comp benefits if he or she has suffered an on-the-job injury.  Workers’ compensation is paid out by federal or state agencies, insurance companies and employers. If you receive these types of benefits, there may be a reduction in the Social Security disability benefits that you receive.

In addition, if you are also eligible for and receiving other types of benefit payments, like civil service disability benefits, state government retirement benefits, local retirement benefits, or temporary state disability benefits, you may find that these sources of income also impact your Social Security disability benefits. Private disability payment payouts, such as those from a private pension, may not have any impact on your disability benefits.

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military.jpgDisabled veterans groups are throwing their support behind a bill that would ease the process of Social Security Disability Insurance payments for injured veterans returning from combat duty.

The bill called the Recovering Service Members Disabilities Benefits Act would exempt veterans, including Reserve and National Guard service members who have suffered injury during combat from the 5-month waiting period that applies to veterans before they receive their Social Security Disability Insurance Payments. The bill is supported by the Disabled Veterans National Foundation, an organization of wounded veterans that is dedicated to helping injured veterans recover from the physical and emotional stresses of combat.

Social Security Disability benefits are in addition to disability benefits available through the Veterans Administration. Veterans may apply under both programs for benefits although the process for eligibility differs.

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