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If you are currently living with a condition that qualifies you for Social Security Disability benefits, chances are high that you have a weak immune system.  For persons with weakened immune systems, the Corona virus or Covid-19 infection can have deadly consequences.

If you are above 60 years of age, or currently suffer from cancer, lupus, heart disease, kidney disease, liver problems, alcohol addiction, stress and any number of other problems that weaken your immune system, you may be at a higher risk of contracting the Coronavirus infection.

There are several steps that you can specifically take, apart from the usual ones, to keep yourself safe. Practice social distancing stringently as advised by global medical experts. Wash hands every twenty minutes, and avoid touching your face, nose, eyes or mouth.

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You must have heard or read the term “immunocompromised” all over the media in relation to Covid-19 or the Corona virus epidemic that’s currently raging across the US. Simply put, the term “immunocompromised” refers to a person who may suffer from low immunity or immunity deficiency due to a variety of conditions. This lack of immunity places the person at a higher risk of a Covid-19 infection.

The body’s immune defenses consist of special cells that attack pathogens that enter the body, protecting the person from illness and infections. There are many health conditions that may make your immune system weak, leaving you vulnerable to infections.

Compromised immune deficiency can be either temporary or permanent. If you suffer from heart disease, diabetes, kidney or liver damage, or lupus, you are considered immunocompromised.  All types of cancers will leave the immune system severely compromised and at risk of infections. Persons who suffer from these conditions must be especially careful about following all safety protocols that are recommended to prevent a Covid-19 infection.

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