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A proposal by the Trump White House could lead to thousands of beneficiaries losing their Social Security disability benefits.  The proposal first surfaced in November, but received little attention then, amid the impeachment news that dominated the headlines. However, it’s now clear that beneficiaries are at risk from the proposal that aims to ramp up reviews of claims.

The proposal specifically aims at scrutinizing disability claims even after the payments have started. To be fair, such reviews have always been implemented under the disability benefits program. Even after a person qualifies for benefits under the Social Security Disability program, and even after he or she begins receiving his or her disability checks every month, the case is still subject to periodic review. This is done to make sure that the person continues to meet the Social Security Administration’s definition of “disabled.” A significant improvement in the medical condition would make benefits unnecessary.

However, what is alarming about President Trump’s proposal is that it will mandate reviews at a greater frequency. This could mean that many beneficiaries whose condition still makes it impossible for them to earn a sustainable income may incorrectly be reviewed as medically fit, and no longer deserving of benefits.

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