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The federal Food and Drug administration has approved an injection to prevent exposure to HIV/AIDS, a development that advocates are claiming is a major breakthrough in the fight against this disease.

The drug Aperture is administered in the form of an injection, and studies have found that it provides significant protection against the risk of HIV/AIDS acquired sexually. There are preventive pills that are recommended for at -risk groups, but there are limitations in the use of these. People who have mental disabilities as well as groups that suffer from socioeconomic limitations may struggle to take their pills regularly. Injections, however, are an easier way to provide the same kind of protection. In fact, the injection seems to provide even greater protection than the pills provide. The injection only needs to be administered once every eight weeks to continue to be effective.

For cisgender women, the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS with the use of the injections dropped by 90 percent.  For cisgender males as well as transgender women who had sexual relations with males, the risk dropped by 69 percent.

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